The Story of Sweet Dreams

I always work on more than one project at a time. So when I finished Love Dreams, I considered another romance, then thought about a book that's been sitting on my desktop for at least five years. Worn but not Broken, stories of strong women and the men who love them is a romance anthology. I feel it needs a final edit, but between publishing for others through Water Forest Press and Valentine Press, and writing my own novels, Worn has fallen to the wayside. At least for now, because, while finishing Sweet Dreams, I started another romance, completing about 15,000 words. It's a good start, but will I make my spring 2013 release date? That remains to be seen. That's me - always biting off more than I can chew.

So, back to how Sweet Dreams came to be. My very first attempt at a novel (years ago) was a horror, The Last Resort, as yet unpublished/unedited/unfinished actually. Okay, it's finished, but since I was a novice at the time I completed it, there's no way that little piggy would ever find its way to market. Oink. It needs to be dragged out of the mud, bathed with refreshing dialogue, and dressed up with big boy scenery. And after I do all that one of these days ... it won't "still be a pig."  I can promise that much.

After the sex and romance of Love Dreams, I was ready for sex and violence. What's a better blend than blood and semen? (Gross. Sorry)  I had no idea of using Leo as a main character, or even bringing him into another story. But boy, did he fit the bill. In Love Dreams, he was a gutsy kid with a big mouth. Cute and cuddly and typical teen wild. With his nature, he was a natural for the hero of Sweet Dreams. All grown up (and cleaned up) he's hot and courageous, but he's still got that human element many women adore. And in Sweet Dreams, every woman he meets absolutely wants to adore him, in and out of the bedroom. Most of the sex he partakes in, however, is not in a bedroom - or a bed. He's never met a woman who could tie him down either. Or, has he? Let's try process of elimination.

Amber, gorgeous and well-endowed, with an appetite for sex that rivals or surpasses any man's. Her mannerisms sometimes do, too. 
Criminologist Scarlett never thought she'd be a cougar ... need I say more?
Glory, the judge's daughter, always gets what she wants. But Leo's giving her one hell of a time. Still, they have a blast in bathroom stalls. 
The killer is a misfit whom a surviving victim calls "not human." He's got his own story going on. All I can tell you is, he's not your garden variety serial killer, inside or out.

If you'd like to read a preview of Sweet Dreams, please follow this link to my website.

You can also watch a youtube video here.

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